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Accession # 1979.50.10
MS # MS27
Other # or MS # 27
Title Napa County History: 1823-1948
Date 1970s
Collection Manuscripts
Scope & Content Napa County History: 1823-1948 outlines the history of Napa and the surrounding county from the time of the Mexican Occupation until 1948. The empahsis is on the settlers and how they built up the cities and surrounding county. Includes map of Napa County.
Object Name Manuscript
People Acres, Hiram
Alstrom, Swen
Altimira, Father Jose
Appleby, Mr.
Arnold, W.B.
Baldridge, William
Bale, Dr. Edward Turner
Barnett, Elias J.
Baxter, Captain Turner G.
Beringer, Frederick
Beringer, Jacob L.
Berryessa, Ignacio
Berryessa, Jose Santos
Berryessa, Sisto
Bierce, Ambrose
Boggs, Lilburn W.
Brannan, Samuel
Carroll, C. A.
Castro, Francisco Maria
Catherwood, Robert
Chadwick, E. C. M.
Chiles, Colonel Joseph Ballinger
Chiles, Colonel Joseph Ballinger
Clayton, Mr.
Clyman, James
Coit, Lillie Hitchcock
Conn, Connelly
Conn, John
Coombs, Nathan Foster
Cox, Alexander J.
Crane, G. B.
De Gagarin, Princess Helena
Dewell, Benjamin
Dickson, H.
Doling, Captain P. F.
Easterby, A. Y.
Elgin, W.A.
Elliott, William B.
Evey, Judge
Fling, Guy
Folger, Captain
Fosdick, Sarah
Fowler, Henry
Fowler, William
Fowler, William Jr.
Frances Yount
Frisbie, John B.
Fulton, David
Gibbs, John
Gluck, Martin
Gordon, Isabel
Gordon, William
Griffith, Calvin Chesterfield
Griffith, James
Grigsby, Capt. John
Grigsby, Terrell
Hargrave, William
Harold Halterman
Harris, H. H.
Harrison, Maurice
Hartson, Chancellor
Higuera, Nicolas
Hitchcock, Charles
Hopper, Charles
Howell, John
Hudson, David
Hudson, David
Hudson, William
Jackson, John P.
Jesus, Jose
Juarez, Don Cayetano
Kather, C.
Kelley, John
Kellogg, Erwin
Kelsey, Andrew
Kelsey, Benjamin
Kelsey, David
Kelsey, Nancy
Kelsey, Samuel
Kilburn, Ralph
Kister, John
Knight, Thomas
Krug, Charles
Leese, Jacob Primer
Lillie, D.G.
Looker, Wiliam
Marion, Frances
Marsh, Dr. John
Maxwell, Lucien
McChristian, Pat
McKimmy, N.
Merritt, Ezekiel
Nash, William Hunton H.
Nash, William Hunton H.
Newman, John
Niebaum, Captain
Owens, Len D.
Paine, Barbara K.
Pershbaker, J.
Pierce, Harrison
Pope, Julian
Porterfield, Harvey
Pringles, Douglas L.
Robinson, J.H.
Rodriguez, D.A.
Rotscheff, Mr.
Russell, William
Sanchez, Jose
Schram, Jacob
Smith, Captain Stephen
Soberanes, Maria Ignacia
Stevenson, Robert Louis Stevenson
Still, Henry
Still, Henry
Stockdale, Lee
Storm, Peter
Tainter, A.
Taylor, Jack F.M.
Taylor, William
Thompson, Joseph P.
Thompson, Simpson
Thompson, William Neely
Trubody, John
Tully, Leonard
Turkeldson, Christian
Vallejo, General Mariano Guadalupe
Vallejo, Lolita
Vallejo, Salvador
Vich, J.
Vines, Bartlett
Weinberger, John
Wilkinson, Dr. John
William Bartlett
Wise, David
Wolf, John L.
Wosnessensky, Mr.
York, John
Yount, Elizabeth Ann
Search Terms "Anna Abernatha"
"Commodore Jones"
"Jack Hayes"
"Paul Pry"
Aetna Springs
Aetna Springs
Agua Caliente
Baja Califonia
Bale Grist Mill
Bale's Slough
Basalt Rock Company
Bear Flag Revolt
Beaulieu Vineyards
Beringer Brothers Inc. Winery
Berryessa Valley
Bidwell- Bartleson Party
Bourn & Wise
Brown Street
Butt's Canyon
C. Mondavi and Sons Winery
Cache Creek
California Champagne Co.
Calistoga Hot Springs
Calistoga Resort Owner's Association
Calistogian Tribune
Capell Valley
Catacoula Rancho
Caymus Rancho
Chapin F. Tubbs Winery
Chateau Montelena Inc. Winery
Chiles Valley
Chimiles Rancho
Christian Brother's Winery
Cresta Blanca Wine Col. Inc.
Crystal Springs
Cuttings Wharf
Deerpark Winery
Dennis J. Gagotta Winery
Devil's Head
Diamond Mt. Cellars
Elk Horn Ranch
Empire Saloon
Eticuera creek
Federal Housing Project, Shipyard Acres
Fort Ross
Freemark Abbey Winery
Gordon Valley
Graystone Cellar
Grigsby-Ide Party
Grist Mill
Hastings Party
Howell Mountain
Howell Mountain
Inglenook cellar
Inglenook Vineyard Co.
Ivanhoe Mine
J. Leland Steward Winery
John Garetto Winery
Joseph A. Varozza Winery
Juarez Adobe
King's Canyon
Knoxville Mine
L. Pocai & Sons Winery
Lake Berryessa
Lake County
Lake Curry
Lockmead Vineyards
Locoallomi Rancho
Lokoya Mountain Lodge
Louis M. Martini Winery
Madonna Winery
Main Street
Manhatten Mine
Mare Island
Mont La Salle Vineyards
Montabello Wine Co.
Mount St. Helena
Mount Veeder
Mt. La Salle Novitiate
Mt. View Winery
Muristul y Plan de Agua Caliente
Napa City
Napa City Herald
Napa Coal Company
Napa Consolidated Quicksilver Mine
Napa Cooperative Vineyards
Napa County Airport
Napa County Reporter
Napa Creek
Napa Daily Advertiser
Napa Daily Journal
Napa Daily Morning Gazette
Napa River
Napa Semi-Weekly Sun
Napa State Hospital
Napa Times
Napa Union High School
Napa Valley Cooperative Winery
Napa Valley Grape Products
Napa Valley Register
Napa Wine Co.
National Hotel
Norman's Fishing Resort
North Carolina
Oakville Quicksilver Mine
Oakville Winery
Oat Hill
Occidental Hotel and Lick House
Old Mission Winery
Old St. Helena Winery
Pacheteau's Original Calistoga Hot Springs
Pacific Coal Mining Company
Pacific Echo
Pacific Union College
Paradise Park
Peter Molinari Winery
Pomo Indians
Pope Valley
Prosperity California Wine Co.
Putah Creek
Putah Creek Bridge
Rachel Rossi Winery
Rancho Carne Humana
Rancho de la Jote
Rancho El Rincon de los Carneros
Rancho Entre Napa
Rancho Lokoya Guest Ranch
Rancho Mallacomas
Redington Mine
Redwood Rancher Newspapers
Robert Louis Stevenson State Park
Rough Rider Manufacturing Company
Samuel Springs
San Francisco, Vallejo, and Napa Valley Railroad Company
San Rafael
Santa Rosa
Sea otters
Sebastopol Exchange Hotel
Seventh Day Adventist Sanitarium
Sierra Mountains
Silverado Mine
Silverado Trail
Sonoma Mission
Sonoma Valley
Soscol House
Soscol Inn
Soscol Orchards
Soscol Tribe
St. Charles Hotel
St. Helena
St. Helena Cooperative Winery Inc.
St. Helena Old Mill Winery
St. Helena Sentinel
St. Helena Star
Stephen Jackse & Son Winery
Sulphur Canyon
Summit Mine
Sunnybrook Winery
Sutters Fort
The Amelia
The Davis Quarry
The Howell Mountain Quarry
The Independent Calistogian
The Linscott Quarry
The Moffat Quarry
The Newman Quarry
The Phoenix Mining company
The Pickett Quarry
The Rose Quarry
The Salmina Quarry
The Taplin Quarry
The Weekly Calistogian
The Weekly Free Press
The White House Hotel
The Zollner Quarry
Third Street
To-Katon Vineyards
Tulocay Rancho
Vallejo Lakes
Vallejo, Benicia, and Napa Valley Railroad Company
Valley Mine
Walter Springs
Wappo Indians
Washington Mine
White Sulphur Springs
Wing's Quarry
Wooden Valley
Wragg Conyon Creek
XLCR Mines
Yajome Ranch
Yerba Buena
Status OK