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Name Ezettie, Louis

Associated Records

2008.102.37 - 20

California California - Newspapers (old) and Books California - Pamphlets California Highway Patrol California Diaries/Paul Revere - Juan Flaco California Historic Houses California Landmarks and Historic Places California Laws - Legislation - Related items California Mansions - Museums - Monuments California Articles - Old

2008.102.45 - 25A

Napa Valley Opera House Napa Theatres Plays Opera White Barn Wine Country Choral, Napa Choral, Singers and Vocal Groups Puppetry Schools Napa Valley Theater Co., St. Helena Players, Community Comedy Cafe, Vintage 1870 Playhouse, Napa Music Study Group Napa Valley Arts Council Plays, Scripts Napa County Arts Council Napa County Concert Association Napa Valley Fine Arts Production Napa Valley Stage Co. Napa Valley Association of the Performing Arts Napa Valley Symphony Napa Valley Theater Co. Stagecoach Soscol Theater Schools Sweet Adelines Wine Valley Productions Bacchus - Acts Wine Country Music: Instrumental, Solo, Bands, Orchestra, Symphony Clippings of Newspaper Ad

2008.164 - 79

Chinese in the Napa Valley Author: Ontis, Madeline Collection of news articles, photos, transcribed interviews re Chinese population and labor force, in particular the Chan Family

2008.168 - 82

Spanish Pioneers Author: Unidentified News articles, biographies, genealogical materials about past Spanish settlers and their present day descendants in Napa, particularly the descendants of Don Cayetano Juarez

2008.196 - 104

Napa County History Donor/author: unknown A collection of loose Napa Register, Weekly Calistogan, and St. Helena Star clippings, most from 1973-4, on a variety of historical topics: Veterans Home, St. Helena Catholic Church, several Louis Ezettie columns, Sam Brannan, etc.

2009.15.3 - MS 29

Grapes, Queues and Quicksilver is a series of newspaper articles outlining the Chinese people who settled in Napa and what their inhfluence and life consisted of.

Image of 2009.82.1 - MS552

2009.82.1 - MS552

History of flooding in Napa County, consisting of captioned photographs of floods and a chart of City of Napa - Historic Floods with rainfall and other statistics.

EPH.35.A Box 4 -

Newspaper Columns - Louis Ezettie 35A, Box 4: 1984-1989 & Miscellaneous

EPH.26.A Box 2 -

Churches 26A, Box 2: M-St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

EPH.35.J -

Newspaper Columns 35J: Miscellaneous Columnists

EPH.35.A Box 1 -

Newspaper Columns - Louis Ezettie 35A, Box 1: 1961-1968

EPH.35.A Box 2 -

Newspaper Columns - Louis Ezettie 35A, Box 2: 1969-1976

EPH.35.A Box 3 -

Newspaper Columns - Louis Ezettie 35A, Box 3: 1969-1976

EPH.35.K -

Newspaper Columns 35K: Jane Smith

979.419 Set - Atlas Peak--A History of a Napa County Settler

History of the Atlas Peak ranch owned by James Reed Harris, based on Harris' diary accounts. (There is MUCH of historical interest in this book that is not identified in the Index and, therefore, not entered herein. There also seem to be some inconsistencies among the surnames found in the Index--I have entered the entire names as the author has written them. Because of the possible misspelling of these names by Harris, these people may not be accurately idenfitied.)

979.419 Coo - Napa--The Transformation of an American Town

Narrative history of Napa's past two centuries, with vintage photographs. Part of the "Making of America" series.

Grapes, Queues and Quicksilver

Grapes, Queues and Quicksilver is a series of newspaper articles outlining the Chinese people who settled in Napa and what their inhfluence and life consisted of.

American Canyon History

History of American Canyon from 2000BC through January 1, 1992.

Image of 1992.55.1 - Arighi Twins

1992.55.1 - Arighi Twins

Sepia portrait of the Arighi twin sisters from Pope Valley. Caption states that one sister married Ralph Dollarhide, and the other married Louis Ezettie. Undated. Location: PF 1A

Image of 2009.2.190 - Louis Ezettie

2009.2.190 - Louis Ezettie

Black and white photograph of four men: Left is Louis Ezettie, and Andy Blythe, Napa P/O, other two men are unidentified. Location: PF 22A