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Name Hunt, C. L.

Associated Records

2014.5.6 -

Single sheet with drawings for what is labeled as and Apartment House for W.F. Alexander in Napa. In addition to a floor plan, foundation plan, elevations and sections, the sheet contains hand written text explaining that this is a plan to modify an existing old building into a three-room apartment. Text includes details for finishes and materials to be used.

2014.5.60 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for the S. D. E. S. Society in Fairfield, California. Set of three drawings. Building is a large open building which appears to be for some kind of public events. S.D.E.S. probably stands for The Sociedade do Divino Espirito Santo de Alvarado, a Portuguese religious society.

2014.5.61 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for home for Mr.& Mrs. McKevitt in Vacaville. Set of 7 drawings of two story Dutch colonial style home include elevations, floor plans and interior details.

Image of 2014.5.62 -

2014.5.62 -

C.L. Hunt drawing for house for Geo. Sharpe in Vacaville. Single drawing shows front and side elvations and details of column and cornice.

2014.5.63 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for country home for "LSHCOL" (Eschol) country home for Mr. Clark Fawver in Oak Knoll, California. Set of 16 drawings include floor plans, elevations and details. There are multiple copies of some.

2014.5.64 -

C.L. Hunt drawing for conservatory for Mr. Bates in Sonoma. Single large drawing shows floor and roof plans, sections and elevations.

Image of 2014.5.65 -

2014.5.65 -

C.L. Hunt drawing for a poster for "Coffee Club" In addition to the title, poster also reads "Ladies' Free Reading Room Games" and "Gents' Free Reading Room Games". There is a frame drawn for a menu but the menu is blank.

2014.5.66 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for the Advent Christian Church in Oakland, California. Set of seven drawings. Drawings show floor plans, elevations and details. Church was on Rhoda and Montana Streets.

2014.5.67 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for Alabama grammar school in Herald, California. Set of 5 drawings. C. J. Taylor is listed as the engineer. Single story building has two large classrooms.

Image of 2014.5.68 -

2014.5.68 -

C.L. Hunt drawing for home for Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Sweeney of Suisun, California. Single small drawing shows fllor plan of two bedroom one-story house.

Image of 2014.5.69 -

2014.5.69 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for addition to an unidentified hospital building. Set of 7 drawings. Building is mostly single story with one two-story section in the middle. There are several versions of the floor plan, as well as elevation drawings amd a paragraph with specifications.

Image of 2014.5.7 -

2014.5.7 -

Single sheet with drawings for caretakers house at the Naa Country Club. Sheet shows floor plan, east elevation and front elevation of the single story two bedroom house.

Image of 2014.5.70 -

2014.5.70 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for proposed lower lake Union High School. Set of two drawings, each a floor plan for a single floor.

2014.5.71 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for Keig Residence in Napa. Set of two, although the larger is not identified as the same residence it was found with the smaller drawing an appears to be on same type of paper. Smaller drawing shows I beam details. Larger drawing shows front elevation o f a building and cross section of a roof. This home may have been on Jefferson Street.

2014.5.8 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for alterations to residence of Mr. thomas Maxwell in Napa. Residence was probably at 1975 Main St. Two sheets. First sheet hows front and south elevations and interoir details. Second sheet shows first and second floor plans, with written instructions for changes to each room.

2014.5.9 -

C.L. Hunt drawings for residence for Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Landers in Napa. House was probably on Lincoln. Set of 3sheets. First sheet shows floor plan, roof plan, front and north elevations and interior details for single story house. Second sheet contains hand written instructions for materials to be used in construction. Third sheet has foundatio plan and more interior details.

Napa Riverfront Plan Study Session, December 13, 1985

Review of recommendations for Napa Riverfront Plan; significance of Main St. buildings with Historic Resources Inventories; alternative implementations