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Name Prouty, Amy

Associated Records

1989.28.10 - 98

Prouty Scrapbook Author: Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schroeder Collection of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and other ephemera concerning both Arthur Prouty and Amy Prouty (both before and after Arthur's death). Also some items re Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

1989.28.11 - 99

Collection of news clippings, photographs, correspondence, and other ephemera relating to Amy Prouty's second book, "Mexican Shrines." Also a news article about Esperanto in Napa.

1989.28.5 - 90

Collection of Christmas cards referring to the recent publication of Amy Prouty's book, "Mexico and I"

1989.28.4 - 96

Collection of newspaper clippings and other ephemera that focus on Arthur and Amy Prouty's life in Napa, Prouty's Jewelry Store, Napa Country Club. Additional items include anniversary and death notices of relatives and friends.

1989.28.6 - 91

Collection of news clippings, correspondence, certificates, and photographs related to Amy Prouty's published book, "Mexico and I."

1989.28.7 - 92

Collection of correspondence, Christmas cards, newspaper clippings, book reviews, photographs concerning Amy Prouty's book, "Mexico and I."

1989.28.9 - 93

Collection of Christmas and New Year's cards, correspondence, news clippings, and additional writings by Amy Prouty--all related to her book "Mexico and I" and her planned, but unpublished, book about Guatemala.

89.28.24 - 109

Prouty Estate Ephemera Donor: Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Huge collection of newsclippings on Catholic schools/colleges, air travel, golfing, Napa fraternal organizations, Commencement memorabilia from several schools/colleges, etc.

972 Pro - Mexico and I

Napa resident Amy Prouty's account of her travels to Mexico, probably 1930s-1940s, based on her travel journals.

Image of 1989.28.14j - George Francis and Amy Prouty

1989.28.14j - George Francis and Amy Prouty

Black and white photograph captioned "George Francis and Yours Truly [Amy Prouty] at Virginia Whittons, Santa Rosa." Location: PF 26A