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Name Architectural drawings
Number of Archive records 411
Number of Library records 6
Number of Photo records 9

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Image of 1985.1.1 -

1985.1.1 -

Large cardboard folder from the Dahlstrom Metallic Door Company in Jamestown N.Y. Cover has label with the title "Hollow Metal Construction Architectural Series". This folder belonged to Luther Turton; inside fron cover has label reading "issued to L. M. Turton, Archt. 144 Main St., Napa, Cal." Folder contains a typed sheet titled "Specifications of Dahlstrom Products"; 5 sheets, double-sided, with holes punched for a three-ring binder, titled "Details of Dahlstrom Doors"; and a 32 page set of architectural plates titled "Hollow Metal Construction Architectural Series", showing details of buldings using the company's doors and a history of the company. Plates Include the Buildings: Th

Image of 2008.188.5 - 5

2008.188.5 - 5

Luther M. Turton drawings for the Residence of Luther M. Turton. Set of 10 drawings. This building is located at 1767 Laurel Street in Napa.

Image of 2008.188.10 - 10

2008.188.10 - 10

Luther M. Turton drawings for the Residence of E.D Meissner. Set of 4

Image of 2008.188.11 - 11

2008.188.11 - 11

Luther M. Turton drawings for the Residence of R. I Myers. Set of 2.

Image of 2008.188.12 - 12

2008.188.12 - 12

Luther M. Turton drawings for the Residence for E. J. Burger Set of 2.

Image of 2008.188.13 - 13

2008.188.13 - 13

Luther M. Turton drawings for the Residence for Dr. Dempsey. Set of 5.

Image of 2008.188.14 - 14

2008.188.14 - 14

Luther M. Turton drawings for the Residence for William Adams. Set of 4.

2009.60.1 -

Two sets of architectural drawings of Goodman Library, 2004 and 2009. The 2009 drawings consist of 17 sheets of drawings from Ripley Scoggin architects in Napa. The 2004 plans are labelled Goodman Library - Seismic Strengthening from Degenkolb Engineers, 16 sheets: S 0.1 General Notes, Symbols, Abbreviations S 0.2 Typical Concrete & Steel Details S 0.3 Typical Wood Details S 0.4 Typical Wall Anchorage Details S 2.1 Framing Plans S 3.1 Building Sections & Details S 7.1 Details S 7.2 Details S 7.3 Details S 8.1 Annex Framing S 8.2 Annex Framing A 2.1 Plan, Elevations & Schedules A 8.1 Exterior Details A 8.2 Interior Details, Plumbing & Electrical Plans A 8.3 Interior Details,

Image of 2009.62.80 - 107

2009.62.80 - 107

Historic American Buildings Survey: Behlow Building. 8 architecture drawings by James McCraken, 1974. Also 5 pages of sketches on yellow notepaper, stapled together. 1) Location and Building Information 2) Basement Plan 3) First Floor Plan 4) Mezzanine Plan 5) Second Floor Plan 6) East Elevation 7) South Elevation 8) North Elevation

2011.28.32 -

Architectural drawing of The Sister City Garden planned for the Napa College. Location: Ephemera box #42, Iwanuma Folder

2011.54.1 -

Blueprints for the John L. Shearer Grammar School in Napa, California. The architect was W. H. Weeks and the original drawings were done on August 20, 1921 and revised on November 8, 1921.

Image of 2008.188.15 - 14

2008.188.15 - 14

Luther M. Turton drawings for the country home of Henry Olandt -set of six.

Image of 2008.188.16 -

2008.188.16 -

Luther M. Turton drawings for the House in Pope Valley for Y.M. Hardin. Set of 7 drawings.

Image of 2008.188.17 -

2008.188.17 -

Luther M. Turton drawing for alterations and additions for the house of Mrs. Juarez, Napa, California.

Image of 2008.188.18 -

2008.188.18 -

Luther M. Turton drawing for alterations and additions to J. Lilienthal residence near Napa. One drawing showing first floor of building.

Image of 2008.188.19 -

2008.188.19 -

Luther M. Turton drawings for alteration and additions to Rear Admiral RIchardson Clover country home. Set of two drawings

Image of 2008.188.20 -

2008.188.20 -

Luther M. Turton drawings for residence for Mr. Otto Berringer, St. Helena. Set of 7drawings.

Image of 2008.188.21 -

2008.188.21 -

Luther M. Turton drawing for F. L. Coombs residence. Form attached to drawing describes it as follows: "The original structure, has been greatly changed. Core structure built in 1852 as a residence, then converted for use by the Napa Ladies Seminary, then returned to residential use. a 2 story home with the siding now covered by brown shingles of the Greek REvivial style with a square bay and pedimented front entry porch. The history of this house is clouded by the many changes it went through. Originally home of Major John Seawell and early pioneer in the city of Napa. The Napa Lades Seminary used the house as its student housing and when the school closed in 1888 it was purchased by Judge

Image of 2008.188.22 -

2008.188.22 -

Luther M. Turton drawing for home of Ralph Raymond in Napa. Set of 5.

Image of 2008.188.23 -

2008.188.23 -

Luther M. Turton architectural drawings for the bungalow of Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Leonard in Napa. Set of 5.