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Name Architecture
Number of Archive records 308
Number of Library records 58
Number of Photo records 4
Number of Object records 0

Associated Records

1978.26.14 -

Document drafted by Luther Turton stating the specifications he feels should be made to the courthouse in Napa. In ephemera box #23A in Miscellaneous folder

Image of 1983.1.32 - MS26

1983.1.32 - MS26

Old Napa Soda Springs: essay on the Old Napa Soda Springs resort from the discovery of the land on which it was built to when it burned down and was abandoned in 1960. Includes copy of speech and copy of the newspaper article about the contest which the author won for the speech.

2008.102.23 - 10

Hospitals Parks Victory Memorial Hospital Hospitals - Miscellaneous Kaiser Foundation and Hy-Lond Convalescent Hospital

2008.102.24 - 10A

Queen of the Valley Queen of the Valley Reports Saint Helena Hospital

2008.102.25 - 11

Books Book Reviews Library's Book Movie Audio Lists Publisher's and Individual 's List of Books For Sale Book Pamphlets

2008.102.27 - 13

Business Financial Accounts Receipts Letters Envelopes Collins, N.W. - County Clerk of Napa Valley (1896) Jas. H. Goodman & Co. Bank - Receipts Books (2)

2008.102.29 - 13B

Napa - Legal Papers Napa Lawyers Letterheads

2008.102.4 - 18

Bank of America Napa National Bank Wells Fargo (American Trust Crocker Natural) West America (Napa Valley) Carithers Department Store Cudaback Nursery Clemente Cittoni Capell Oil Company Jones, Pirkle Kaiser Steel, Napa Fabricating KVON, Radio Station in Napa Leslie Salt Company Miscellaneous Number 1, Prior to 1987 Miscellaneous Number 2, Post 1987 Napa Journal Napa Register N.E.S./Napa Electric Shop Tockeys Napa Grocery Center Oxbow Market Pacific Bell Professional: Architects, Attorneys, Doctors, etc. Pacific Gas and Electric Photographs J.C. Penny Rough Rider Sawyer Tannery Real Estate Companies Title Companies Vallergas Vintage 1870 Vintage Bank

2008.102.37 - 20

California California - Newspapers (old) and Books California - Pamphlets California Highway Patrol California Diaries/Paul Revere - Juan Flaco California Historic Houses California Landmarks and Historic Places California Laws - Legislation - Related items California Mansions - Museums - Monuments California Articles - Old

2008.102.38 - 20A

California California - Missions Sir Francis Drake California State Capitol

2008.102.39 - 20B

California State Parks and Lakes

2008.102.42 - 23

Napa Courts - Miscellaneous Napa Superior Court Napa County Municipal Court

2008.102.84 - 39A

Architecture Barns Building Plazas, Parks, Squares, Centers Commercial Office Buildings General Industrial Buildings Multiple Buildings Napa Street Scenes

Image of 2008.188.102 -

2008.188.102 -

Luther Turton architectural drawings for Bungalow for W. L. Clayton near Suisun. Set of 9. Handwritten notes in pencil on front elevation page reads "L. O. Mills Klamath Falls" and "1.50 Per T. Natoma, .50 ...freight Suisun"

Image of 2008.188.107 -

2008.188.107 -

Luther Turton architectural drawings for country home for A.D. Parker near Dixon, California. Set of 2.

Image of 2008.188.103 -

2008.188.103 -

Luther Turton architectural drawings for residence for Mr. Jacobs, Santa Rosa, California. Set of 5.

Image of 2008.188.10 - 10

2008.188.10 - 10

Luther M. Turton drawings for the Residence of E.D Meissner. Set of 4

Image of 2008.188.100 -

2008.188.100 -

Luther Turton architectural drawings for residence for Mr. Wm. Johnson in Woodland California. Set of 8.

Image of 2008.188.101 -

2008.188.101 -

Luther Turton architectural drawings for residence for Mr. Edwin Bullard near Woodland California. Set of 10.

Image of 2008.188.104 -

2008.188.104 -

Luther Turton architectural drawings in pencil for residence for Dr. Wm. Johnson in Santa Rosa, Ca. Set of 7. Drawing of dining room detail shows mural and stained glass near the fireplace.