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Name Correspondence
Number of Archive records 16
Number of Library records 9
Number of Photo records 0
Number of Object records 0

Associated Records

Image of 1981.1.8 - MS60

1981.1.8 - MS60

"My Dear Mother" A Letter About 1877 Travels in San Francisco and Napa Valley, California. This is a typed version of the original. Also included in the binder is a copy of a handwritten l981 letter from the grandson of the original letter's author. This second letter gives a brief history of the life of the 1877 author, and is addressed to Kenneth H. Imrie, whose wife donated the 1877 letter.

1989.28.10 - 98

Prouty Scrapbook Author: Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schroeder Collection of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and other ephemera concerning both Arthur Prouty and Amy Prouty (both before and after Arthur's death). Also some items re Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

1989.28.11 - 99

Collection of news clippings, photographs, correspondence, and other ephemera relating to Amy Prouty's second book, "Mexican Shrines." Also a news article about Esperanto in Napa.

1989.28.6 - 91

Collection of news clippings, correspondence, certificates, and photographs related to Amy Prouty's published book, "Mexico and I."

1989.28.7 - 92

Collection of correspondence, Christmas cards, newspaper clippings, book reviews, photographs concerning Amy Prouty's book, "Mexico and I."

1989.28.9 - 93

Collection of Christmas and New Year's cards, correspondence, news clippings, and additional writings by Amy Prouty--all related to her book "Mexico and I" and her planned, but unpublished, book about Guatemala.

2008.195 - 105

Jess Doud Donor: Napa County Historical Society (?) Correspondence dated 1982 from various organizations endorsing Napa Co. Historical Society's recommendation of Jess Doud for the Conference of California Historical Societies Annual Award of Merit. Doud received the award: "1982 Conference of California Historical Socieites Individual Award for a Man." Contents include Doud's c.v.

2008.203.9 - Box 8

Arrest Warrants Bail Bonds Correspondence Instructions Marie Banta Miscellaneous Receipts

Image of 2009.172.1 - MS95

2009.172.1 - MS95

The frist overland letter to California: Draft of article to be published in the Overland Journal in 1992. Includes extensive notes, copies of the first overland letter, and the text of the first overland letter. Also added to packet is a photocopy of the published version of the article from the Overland Journal, Volume 11 Number 3 - Fall 1993..

2011.73.129 -

Meeting minutes, by-laws, and letters of the West Coast Hide and Skin Co., associated with the Sawyer Tanning Company. 1971-1985 Location: Shelf 7

Image of 2015.49.2 -

2015.49.2 -

Correspondence from Lee De Forest to Peter L. Jensen, September 8, 1955. Location: digital only

2011.73.632 -

Correspondences between International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and the Sawyer Tanning Co., 1985. 3 pages. Page 1 - letter to Mr. Nino J. Giacalone from Anthony G. Cahill from IBM; page 2 - letter from Nino J. Giacalone to IBM; page 3 - invoice for maintenance service. Location: Shelf 7, Building Construction and Property Improvement Box, Machines/Equipment Folder

2011.73.671 -

Correspondences between H. W. Jacot of Sawyer Tanning Co. and William R. Piper of Munn, Liddy & Glaccum, February 18, 1948-April 20, 1948. 9 pages. Concerning the renewal and improvement to the Leather Measuring Gauge Canadian patent. Location: Shelf 7, Patents Box, Leather Measuring Gauge Patent Folder

2011.73.752 -

Correspondences between shareholders and Sawyer Tanning Co., 1922-1955. 5 pages. Location: Shelf 7, Stocks/Bonds Box, Correspondence- Stockholders Certificates Folder

2011.73.773 -

Copy of Correspondence in Re Incorporation of The Sawyer Tanning Co., 1919-1920. 79 pages. Includes envelope with description of contents. Location: Shelf 7, Sawyer Corporation Papers Box, Corporation Papers Sawyer Folder

Image of 2015.26.1 -

2015.26.1 -

Scrapbook containing photographs of the renovation and photocopies of historical images and newspaper clippings relating to the Captain Andrew Sampson House at 1157 Division St., Napa. Includes correspondence from Marion Treadway Kurtz (Sampson's granddaughter), history of the house, articles from the Napa Register, photos of the renovation, and a detail from the 1886 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, some of which is in a PDF of pages 1-17 (not online). Location: Scrapbooks Section on Shelf 2.

383 - Postal Employees' Guide

Instructions, regulations, etc., for postal employees

383 - United States Official Postal Guide, July 1937, Vol. 1

U.S. postal guide for 1937 (listing of post offices, regulations, etc.)--Domestic mail services only

383 - United States Official Postal Guide, July 1928

U.S. postal guide for 1928 (listing of post offices, regulations, etc.)

383 - United States Official Postal Guide, July 1949--Part I: Domestic Postal Service

U.S. postal guide for 1949--"Domestic" only (listing of post offices, regulations, etc.)