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Name Native Americans
Number of Archive records 19
Number of Library records 107
Number of Photo records 1

Associated Records

2008.102.15 - Ephemera Box 5

Alameda County Butte County (Map) Clear Lake County Contra Costa County Escondido County Fresno County Glen County Humboldt County Lake County Marin County Mendocino County Napa County Nevada City County Orange County Placer County (Maps) Sacramento County San Diego County San Francisco San Jose County San Luis Obispo County Santa Barbara County Santa Clara County Santa Cruz County Sebastopol County Siskiyou County Solano County Sonoma County Sonora Pass County Stockton County Tehama County (Map) Tuolumme County Vacaville County Watsonville County Yuba County Dempsey, Dr. Robert B. Pomo Indians Vallejo, Salvador Vallejo, General Mariano G. Kelsey, Andrew

2008.102.18 - 8

Indians Indian Massacres and Wars Indian Tools and Artifacts and Archaeology Indian Tribes and Stories United States Government and Indians

2008.102.25 - 11

Books Book Reviews Library's Book Movie Audio Lists Publisher's and Individual 's List of Books For Sale Book Pamphlets

2008.102.26 - 12

Bicentennial American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Napa and Committies Bicentennial Art California Bicentennial Dispatch and California Bicentennial News Bicentennial Celebration Activities Colonial History Books/Magazines and Bicentennial Information Constitution of the United States of America

2008.102.36 - 19

California Historical Societies Ariticals and Letters California Historical Societies - Books and Pamphlets California Historical Society - 2090 Jackson St., San Francisco California Historical Societies - Meetings and Conferences California Historical Societies Publishers' Books Advertisements

2008.102.37 - 20

California California - Newspapers (old) and Books California - Pamphlets California Highway Patrol California Diaries/Paul Revere - Juan Flaco California Historic Houses California Landmarks and Historic Places California Laws - Legislation - Related items California Mansions - Museums - Monuments California Articles - Old

2008.102.38 - 20A

California California - Missions Sir Francis Drake California State Capitol

2008.102.39 - 20B

California State Parks and Lakes

2008.102.39 - 20B

California State Parks and Lakes

2008.170 - 83

Napa Author: Unidentified Clippings and other memorabilia on a variety of topics: City improvements; Napa River Project; Noyes Building; Napa's 1996 "150 Years"; Knoxville Mine; White Sulphur Springs, etc.

2008.196 - 104

Napa County History Donor/author: unknown A collection of loose Napa Register, Weekly Calistogan, and St. Helena Star clippings, most from 1973-4, on a variety of historical topics: Veterans Home, St. Helena Catholic Church, several Louis Ezettie columns, Sam Brannan, etc.

2008.214.1 - 112

The Valley of Legends, 1997 Donor: The Valley of Legends (?) Collection of The Valley of Legends' Historical Fact Sheets commemorating Napa's 150th anniversary. Topics on the fact sheets include: architecture, Bear Flag Revolt, business and industry, Chinese influence, Napa River, etc.

Image of 2008.220.17 - MS4

2008.220.17 - MS4

A history of Father Asa White's journey from Vermont to California as a Methodist missionary, and the establishment of the "Blue Tent" in San Francisco.

Image of 2008.220.10 - MS10

2008.220.10 - MS10

A short study of the Suscol Indians by Diane Christman, an intern at California State Senator John Dunlap's Napa office. Includes an 8 page insert with maps, letters and copies of clippings relating to naming the bridge over the Napa River as the Soscol Bridge. The letters are to and from Senator Dunlap. Attatched to the insert is a business card from Barney E. Dawe from 1978,

Image of 2008.220.3 - MS3

2008.220.3 - MS3

A brief history of Reverend Asa White's journey from Vermont to California as a missionary on the Oregon Trail.

2014.8.1 -

A binder containing the Napa County Historical Society created indexes for the "Images of America" books produced by Arcadia Press. The four indexes contained in this binder are for "The Napa River," "Napa Valley Wine Country," "St. Helena," and "Yountville." The index for each book is divided into people and subjects. Location: This binder is located on the filing unit on the work table, next to the scrap paper and on the shelf above the gloves.

2015.22.1 -

Subseries 1: California history, Robert Smith notes Box 3, Folder 1: California places, undated Box 3, Folder 2: Gold Rush, undated Box 3, Folder 3: Bear Flag revolt, undated Box 3, Folder 4: Dogtown clippings, undated Box 3, Folder 5: Early California Pioneers, undated Subseries 2: City of Napa history Box 4, Folder 3: Spud Hawkins (b. 1912) Interview, undated Box 4, Folder 4: Napa locations, undated Box 4, Folder 5: Early Napa County History, undated Box 4, Folder 6: "Our Napa County Pioneers", 1994 Box 4, Folder 16: Karl Holm homestead, Joe Callizo, undated Subseries 3: Pope Valley history Box 4, Folder 7: Pope Valley "Early Settlers", Joe Callizo notes, undated Box 4, Fo

622.342 Watkins - Gold and Silver in the West

History of gold and silver mining in western U.S.

622.342 Watkins - Gold and Silver in the West

History of gold and silver mining in western U.S.

388.3 Jac - Wells Fargo in Colorado Territory

History of Wells Fargo's stagecoach, express, and banking activities in the Colorado Territory