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Name Recreation
Number of Archive records 21
Number of Library records 20
Number of Photo records 16
Number of Object records 0

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1979.50.8 - 101

"Napa's Past and Present," Louis Ezettie Donor: Community Projects Collection of newspaper column "Napa's Past and Present," highlighting a variety of local activities and topics, including Silverado Country Club, Business and Professional Women's Club, Knoxville Mine, Imperial Wheelmen Cycling Club.

1991.1.1 - 56

Eighth Napa County Fair, August 25-28, 1927 Donor: Unidentified Fair program, Napa Register news clippings, and photos

2008.102.115 - 54A

Napa Rivers, dams, lakes, tributaries Creeks Dams Lakes Napa River Parks Recreation Reservoirs Rivers Trails & paths Tributaries

2008.102.18 - 8

Indians Indian Massacres and Wars Indian Tools and Artifacts and Archaeology Indian Tribes and Stories United States Government and Indians

2008.102.203 - 111

City of American Canyon Restaurants Retail Businesses City Government General Police & Fire Dept. Utilities - water, gas, electricity, sewage Development/Construction History Recreation

2008.102.24 - 10A

Queen of the Valley Queen of the Valley Reports Saint Helena Hospital

2008.102.25 - 11

Books Book Reviews Library's Book Movie Audio Lists Publisher's and Individual 's List of Books For Sale Book Pamphlets

2008.102.28 - 13A

Business Stationary Letters Receipts Legal Documents Bill Heads - Saint Helena Loeber, Ivy -collection of Bills and Receipts Letterheads - From out of Napa

2008.102.33 - 17

Senior Citizens and Retirement - Caregivers - Dying Atrium/The Meadows Born to Age: Newspapers and Senior Care Directory The Best Years Newspaper

2008.102.37 - 20

California California - Newspapers (old) and Books California - Pamphlets California Highway Patrol California Diaries/Paul Revere - Juan Flaco California Historic Houses California Landmarks and Historic Places California Laws - Legislation - Related items California Mansions - Museums - Monuments California Articles - Old

2008.102.38 - 20A

California California - Missions Sir Francis Drake California State Capitol

2008.102.39 - 20B

California State Parks and Lakes

2008.102.7 - 40

Old Time Newspapers Annexation Assessors Office Annual City Reports Behind the Issues of Ralph Bolin Charter Civil Defense City Manager City Planning Flood General Plan Housing in the city of Napa Fire Department in the city of Napa Council Leash Laws Elections in the city of Napa Police Department in the city of Napa Napa River Napa Safety Council Maps of the city of Napa City of Napa Miscellaneous Folder City of Napa Miscellaneous Folder - unsorted Parks and Recreation City of Napa Town Center Old Town Improvement Plan One Way Streets Parking Public Works Streets, Traffic and Highways Napa Community Redevelopment Napa Community Redevelopment Sanitation Distric

Image of 2008.135.1 - MS601

2008.135.1 - MS601

Manuscript about the life of Mrs. Mary Crees, who was married to Doctor Robert Crees. Written by John Franklin Robertson. Tells the story of her birth and life until 1961, when the manuscript was written.

Image of 2008.220.7 - MS7

2008.220.7 - MS7

A collections of facts, drawings and stories about Napa County compiled by Miss Bonham's class at Phillips School.

Image of 2008.63 -

2008.63 -

Mrs. Leslie Anderson standing in front of an oil painting she created. Painting of the old Adult Home, now demolished. Leslie Anderson was a student of Mrs. Robert Hoffman. Photocopy of photo. Moved into emphera box.

2011.21.24 -

"An Economic Analysis For Future Planning: City of Yountivlle, CA. General Plan Program, 1966-1985"- Report on general characteristics of the city and how it can grow.

2011.21.25 -

"Napa County Economic Study Conference,"- Economic Study of Region highlighting economic planning of the region, zoning, proposed implementation strageties (economic)

2011.21.3 -

"Master Plan Report, County of Napa- Cities of: Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga"- Master plan for development of: land use, streets and highways, parks and recreation, schools and public buildings, and the Napa County Airport. Additonally covers zoning and subdivision ordinances.

979.419 Napa c.2 - Invitation to Napa County

Informational "handbook" for tourist and resident alike, focusing on Napa's history, geographic and other points of interest, culture and community. Subjects included in Table of Contents are entered herein, as well as biographical sketches, advertisers, etc.