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2008.102.16 - Ephemera Box 6

Atheletics and Sports - Miscellaneous File Baton and Dance Club Bicycle Motocross Bocce Ball Cheerleading Cyclists Discus Throwers Gymnastics Napa High School Sports Schedule (1978-1979) Napa Valley Marathon Napa Valley Special Games Rodeos Volleyball Baseball (1800's) File: H. Stein Baseball Team (1938) Guisto, Louis Ezettie, Louis Alta Heights Baseball team (Napa) McClelland and Thompson Baseball team Alden and Levitson Baseball team Baseball File: Styleplus Baseball team (1920) Napa Valley Express Jacka, Kristin Baseball to Japan Basketball File: Harris, Krissy (Player of the Year 1996 Napa High's Basketball Team 2006 Woolley, Branden Napa Parks and Recreat

2008.102.18 - 8

Indians Indian Massacres and Wars Indian Tools and Artifacts and Archaeology Indian Tribes and Stories United States Government and Indians

2008.102.23 - 10

Hospitals Parks Victory Memorial Hospital Hospitals - Miscellaneous Kaiser Foundation and Hy-Lond Convalescent Hospital

2008.102.24 - 10A

Queen of the Valley Queen of the Valley Reports Saint Helena Hospital

2008.102.25 - 11

Books Book Reviews Library's Book Movie Audio Lists Publisher's and Individual 's List of Books For Sale Book Pamphlets

2008.102.26 - 12

Bicentennial American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Napa and Committies Bicentennial Art California Bicentennial Dispatch and California Bicentennial News Bicentennial Celebration Activities Colonial History Books/Magazines and Bicentennial Information Constitution of the United States of America

2008.102.28 - 13A

Business Stationary Letters Receipts Legal Documents Bill Heads - Saint Helena Loeber, Ivy -collection of Bills and Receipts Letterheads - From out of Napa

2008.102.31 - 14

Art/Artists not in Napa Valley Art at Wineries Art Studios and Galleries in Napa Valley Artists of Napa Valley Murals Public Art and Shows Quilts and Needle Arts Reviews

2008.102.33 - 17

Senior Citizens and Retirement - Caregivers - Dying Atrium/The Meadows Born to Age: Newspapers and Senior Care Directory The Best Years Newspaper

2008.102.36 - 19

California Historical Societies Ariticals and Letters California Historical Societies - Books and Pamphlets California Historical Society - 2090 Jackson St., San Francisco California Historical Societies - Meetings and Conferences California Historical Societies Publishers' Books Advertisements

2008.102.37 - 20

California California - Newspapers (old) and Books California - Pamphlets California Highway Patrol California Diaries/Paul Revere - Juan Flaco California Historic Houses California Landmarks and Historic Places California Laws - Legislation - Related items California Mansions - Museums - Monuments California Articles - Old

2008.102.38 - 20A

California California - Missions Sir Francis Drake California State Capitol

2008.102.39 - 20B

California State Parks and Lakes

2008.196 - 104

Napa County History Donor/author: unknown A collection of loose Napa Register, Weekly Calistogan, and St. Helena Star clippings, most from 1973-4, on a variety of historical topics: Veterans Home, St. Helena Catholic Church, several Louis Ezettie columns, Sam Brannan, etc.

Image of 2008.220.1 - MS1

2008.220.1 - MS1

The history and growth of Brown's Valley, CA in the mid-nineteenth through early twentieth century. Typed manuscript with hand-written corrections. A newspaper clipping attached to the inside cover contains an article titled "Old Deed Tells Why Wave Is Called 'Browns Valley'"

Image of 2008.220.5 - MS5

2008.220.5 - MS5

A brief summary of William Pope's arrival in Pope Valley and the economy of the area. Typed with handwritten corrections. Cover Reads "Pope Valley (the Laccallomi Rancho, Napa County 1841) Ceded to Julien Pope vs William Pope Author of the enclosed article is unknown"

355.232 Civil - Civil Defense and Disaster Operational Plan

Organization, operations, and mission of Napa's Civil Defense Operational Plan as of 1962

388.3 Jac - Wells Fargo in Colorado Territory

History of Wells Fargo's stagecoach, express, and banking activities in the Colorado Territory

380 Coleman - PG and E of California--The Centennial Story of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, 1852-1952

History of Pacific Gas and Electric in California (1952 was centennial year)

Image of 979.4 Sou - The Road of a Thousand Wonders

979.4 Sou - The Road of a Thousand Wonders

The book, "The Road of a Thousand Wonders" The Coast line-shasta route of the Southern Pacific Company from Los Angeles through San Francisco, to Portland, a journey of over one thousand three hundred miles. These pages picture and tell of this region and its wonders, of the varied charms and sea and sky of mountain and valley, field and forest and of climatic features which make pleasant all the year; of numberless resorts attractive for health-seeking idling enjoyment and all out-of-door recreation.