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Name Wine
Number of Archive records 28
Number of Library records 123
Number of Photo records 37
Number of Object records 0

Associated Records

Image of 1983.24.10 - MS105

1983.24.10 - MS105

Red Wine - A discussion of red wine and winemaking

Image of 1983.24.4 - MS102

1983.24.4 - MS102

History of the Napa Valley . A collection of papers on the subject written by summer school students. Title page reads "Students' Individual Research Projects."

Image of 1983.40.1 - MS111

1983.40.1 - MS111

Collections of W. W. Lyman: The Lyman House, Lillie Hitchcock Coit, El Molino Winery, Recollections of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 (First Draft), St. Helena People, Shapes and Colors, Night and the Earth

1993.45 - 62

Silverado Singers Donor: Mrs. William Garnett Napa Register news clippings, correspondence, photos, concert programs

2008.102.25 - 11

Books Book Reviews Library's Book Movie Audio Lists Publisher's and Individual 's List of Books For Sale Book Pamphlets

2008.102.29 - 13B

Napa - Legal Papers Napa Lawyers Letterheads

2008.102.37 - 20

California California - Newspapers (old) and Books California - Pamphlets California Highway Patrol California Diaries/Paul Revere - Juan Flaco California Historic Houses California Landmarks and Historic Places California Laws - Legislation - Related items California Mansions - Museums - Monuments California Articles - Old

2008.102.45 - 25A

Napa Valley Opera House Napa Theatres Plays Opera White Barn Wine Country Choral, Napa Choral, Singers and Vocal Groups Puppetry Schools Napa Valley Theater Co., St. Helena Players, Community Comedy Cafe, Vintage 1870 Playhouse, Napa Music Study Group Napa Valley Arts Council Plays, Scripts Napa County Arts Council Napa County Concert Association Napa Valley Fine Arts Production Napa Valley Stage Co. Napa Valley Association of the Performing Arts Napa Valley Symphony Napa Valley Theater Co. Stagecoach Soscol Theater Schools Sweet Adelines Wine Valley Productions Bacchus - Acts Wine Country Music: Instrumental, Solo, Bands, Orchestra, Symphony Clippings of Newspaper Ad

2008.170 - 83

Napa Author: Unidentified Clippings and other memorabilia on a variety of topics: City improvements; Napa River Project; Noyes Building; Napa's 1996 "150 Years"; Knoxville Mine; White Sulphur Springs, etc.

2008.214.1 - 112

The Valley of Legends, 1997 Donor: The Valley of Legends (?) Collection of The Valley of Legends' Historical Fact Sheets commemorating Napa's 150th anniversary. Topics on the fact sheets include: architecture, Bear Flag Revolt, business and industry, Chinese influence, Napa River, etc.

Image of 2008.220.16b - MS16

2008.220.16b - MS16

Short history of the Chinese in California and specifically Napa County

2009.67.14 - 14

Wine Poster

2009.67.15 - 15

Christian Brothers/Brother Timothy 1935-1985; 50 years in Napa

2009.67.16 - 16

Christian Brothers/Brother Timothy 1935-1985; 50 years in Napa -signed by Brother Timothy

2009.67.17 - 17

Napa Valley Wineries

2009.67.18 - 18

Bucolic Napa Valley: Wineries

2009.67.2 - 2

Wines of California, undated

2009.67.2a - 2

Wines of California, undated

2009.67.2b - 2

Wines of California, undated

2009.67.2c - 2

Wines of California, undated